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In-Home Nurse in Allentown, PA

Become an in-home caretaker for a person of any age who is ill or challenged with the talented team at Around the Clock Nursing in Allentown, PA. In addition to great benefits, flexible scheduling, and a competitive salary, you can also enjoy the rewarding feeling of helping others who need and appreciate you every day.

Requirements Include:

  • A current licensure, certification, or proof of training
  • Adult and pediatric CPR certification (Online CPR not accepted)
  • Three months experience in the past year or one full year of experience in the past three years
  • A valid driver's license with reliable transportation
Around The Clock Nursing, Inc. does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, ancestry and national origin.
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Currently Hiring for the Following Cases:


  • RN/LPN Palmerton case looking for 7a-9pm on Sundays.
  • CNA/HHA Coopersburg case looking for M-F 2p-6p.
  • CNA/HHA Easton case looking for 4p-6:30p and 12p-5p Saturdays and Sundays
  • RN/LPN Bethlehem case looking for M-F 7a-5p, and 7 Days a weeks 11p-7a
  • RN/LPN Bethlehem case looking for 10p-7a, 7 days a week, and Saturday and Sundays 7a-3p and 3p-11p.
  • CNA/HHA for Coopersburg area. Looking for Monday afternoons and occasional Saturdays.
  • CNA/HHA for Easton area. Looking for M-F 1:45p-6:45p.
  • RN/LPN for Easton area. Looking for 7 days a week 11a-2p.
  • CNA/HHA for Allentown area. Looking for Saturdays 9a-12:30p and Sundays 9:30a-1p.
  • RN/LPN for Allentown area. Looking for 6a-3p, 7 days a week. Must have trach experience.
pedriatic nurse  - home care  in Allentown, PA
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